Languages of Digital Media

Languages of Digital Media
Digital Studies Conceptualized by V. Kuhn

C3 Emergency Preparedness Remote Class Week

Please view this introductory video and then give Jon your full attention for the camera tutorial to prepare you for your camera project.  The remaining remix projects will have to be managed by the creators and their assigned peer reviewers. We will screen them, time permitting, next class. All work due is spelled out (both here and in the wiki) and all information about what's due is linked to the weekly schedule as well. If there are any questions, feel free to email me and I will reply as quickly as is humanly possible! By the way, this effect I used to film is found in PhotoBooth which comes on any Mac with a camera. The types of effects you can find there may prove useful for your projects. 

Camera Project Plan: Due 10/24

There is a page set up for each of your groups, and they are linked above. Please use whichever means you like to to collaboratively create your camera project plan (due 10/24 for class discussion) and place it on the page I've set up. You can author directly on the wiki page, use Google Docs or some other form (e.g. email, pirate pad) or even the IML201 blog on our class wiki. 
Include a concept, a potential shot list and/or script, potential location/s for filming, and at least one or two images taken via cell phone camera (or some other vernacular form of image capture) which can be a location (e.g. the IML courtyard or an interior office, a space on campus), an object (e.g. a surveillance camera, a card reader/swiper that reads your identification) or something else that figures in your conceptual plan.
The more detail you and hammer out ahead of time, the more smoothly your project will go. This plan is not set in stone, since I anticipate things may shift as you actually start working, but it will give you a point of departure and help to brainstorm some really nuanced possibilities.