Languages of Digital Media

Languages of Digital Media
Digital Studies Conceptualized by V. Kuhn

Weekly Schedule IML201 Fall, 2011

8/22 Seminar Room: Introduction to class + syllabus, screen Ways of Seeing, Blue Lab: portal registration. File naming protocols, SnapNdrag demo. Create a wiki page. Survey. Be sure to order book/s. Get a peer’s contact info. Do not miss class; if you must, you’ll need to get notes from a colleague.
8/29 Image assignment given; see examples. Photoshop tutorial. Cont’d WOS Screening. Shepherd Fairey discussion. For next time, read CH 1+3, look through CH2 of Ways of Seeing book and do a short post (on your own wiki page), looking particularly at the similarities and differences between the book and the film.
9/5 Labor Day: No class but have wiki post on Ways of Seeing (see above) complete by midnight (9/5)
9/12 Image assignment--Kruger portion--due; present in class. Introduction to How Images Think (HIT) in class; bring text. Screening: The Five Obstructions.
9/19 Image assignment--Fairey portion--due. Present in class. Remix assignment given. In class screening, various remixes: “Remix Culture: Fair Use is Your Friend.” Various Remixes: RIP Remix Manifesto (Brent Gaylor, 2009), A Fairy Use Tale (Eric Faden)
Begin video editing tutorial (ripping clips, compressing and Reelsurfer). For next time, read HIT, Ch 1: Vantage Point and Image-Worlds.Group A posts a response by Friday midnight, Group B replies to at least one post by Sunday at midnight (use the comment feature and link the page to your student spaces) + Complete Image project peer review.
9/26 FCP tutorial: have at least three short clips to work with. Screening Sur Name Viet, Given Name Nam and The Ties that Bind, selections. Cont’d work on Remix. For next time, read HIT Ch2: Imagescapes, Mind and Body. B Group posts by Friday midnight, A Group responds by Sun midnight.
10/3 Reading discussion via group notes/responses. Cont'd work on remix. 
10/10 Remix assignment due. Screening. Camera assignment given. Camera Tutorial. Choose groups and brainstorm topic. Peer review of remix. For next time, read HIT CH 3: Foundations of Virtual Images, Group A posts by Friday; Group B responds by Sunday.
10/17 3:00 pm Camera tutorial in blue lab. No formal class after; special remote camera work (V in NYC). For next time, read HIT Ch 4 Imagescapes as Ecology, Group B posts by Friday; Group A responds by Sunday midnight.
10/24 Camera project plan due for in-class discussion. Reading discussion. Screen any remaining Remix projects. Complete your camera project for next time (no reading assignment). At 6pm we'll go to SCA112 to see Eve Marson, who does work that is quite similar to what we are after form wise, particularly with the camera project. 
10/31 Camera Projects due; peer review of remix due. In-class screening. For next time, read HIT, CH 5 Simulation/Viewing/Immersion, post response. Group A starts; group B responds.
11/7 Interactive assignment given. Flash workshop (4 pm). Work on warm up exercise for next time with your image project. For next time, read HIT Ch 6 Humans____Machines. Group B posts; Group A responds.
11/14 Cont'd Flash workshop. Read HIT Ch 8, Computer Games and Aesthetics of Human and Nonhuman Interaction and Ch 9 Reanimating the World: Waves of Interaction. No post due. Interactive Pt 1 due. Complete remote assignment survey:
11/21 Present interactive project maps. In class feedback. Cont'd reading discussion. In class mapping of CH 8 + 9.
11/23-26 Thanksgiving.
11/28 Last class. Interactive project round robin/gallery. Course evaluations.
12/12 Final: any revised work due in wiki by 2pm