Languages of Digital Media

Languages of Digital Media
Digital Studies Conceptualized by V. Kuhn

SAMPLE C3 Student Project II

Surveillance Cameras:
Gateway – front desk
New North
IML building camera
VKC globe/Tommy Trojan – anchoring our position at USC

Places where you scan your ID
Facebook Places
Twitter Places?
Purchases on credit cards – bank statements

Main Character walking through day – show close up shots of all the surveillance going around them

Thievery at New North leads to search for wallet, etc.

Judge hammer thing – cut in between shots
Footsteps (shots of feet running up stairs instead of whole person)

Thief (Josh Woo) - wearing bright colored shirt 
Thief’s friend
Victim’s friend

Film Sequence 

1. Establishing shots (Tommy Trojan, VKC globe, McCarthy Quad)
Front of New/North 
2. Intro to thievery 
Girl standing in New/North Lobby 
Bestfriend calls - DramaLlama!
Ex-boyfriend drama! He followed me using Facebook Places! 
3. Theivery! Lobby of New/North
Takes purse 
4. Call ends, Girl looks down, notices purse is gone. 

5. Look at tapes in New North 
Profile Thief from shots 

6. Thief walking to Gateway (photoshoot going on, takes pictures of thief as he’s walking across) 

7. Go to Gateway, ask front desk if they can show surveillance 
Dead ends

8. Go home (to New/North?), look on bank statement 
Thief has charged tickets to disneyland

9. Thief posts on facebook (extra tickets to disneyland! yeah!) 
Thief says that he’s attending some event 

10. Track thief down to event, fight! 
Fight recorded by some sort of surveillance 

11. Sitting in DPS, explaining how purse was stolen, etc.