Languages of Digital Media

Languages of Digital Media
Digital Studies Conceptualized by V. Kuhn

SAMPLE C3 Student Project

Our project idea is to have a bathroom mirror which doubles as a camera (one of those one-sided mirrors). We'd have it in a bathroom and have people do crazy things when they think no one's looking. Then we'd cut to a shot of them leaving the bathroom how they WANT to be portrayed (eg. have a businessman going crazy/ singing/ shaving and then walk out somber and serious in a business suit). Then at the end we'd have the "student surveillance workers" watching all of the videos on screen and inviting their friends to come watch, w/ popcorn and such laughing.

VERY ROUGH sample script/ plan:

Girl on phone: “Ugh. I don’t want to go to this dumb work-study job. I’m just a security guard in one of the dorms.”
Other phone: “You could be surprised. I’ve heard of some funny things that go down on surveillance cameras when no one knows they’re being watched”
Girl: “Yeah, maybe in cooler places. But this is going to be boring. I guarantee you. I gotta run- talk to you later”
Girl sits down and turns on tv, starts playing with it.
Girl: “What’s this?”
Zoom in on camera
“OMG! Haha”
Zoom in on bathroom- guy in towel shaving, start singing, going crazy
Calls back- “Come over here you have to see this!”
Back on camera, another person being crazy in mirror
Cut back to bk room, 2 people watching. Put post on fbook OR send mass text
One more shot of people being crazy in BR
Have room full of Birnkrant kids laughing, passing around popcorn
End: one of them walks in, “what’re you laughing at?????”

Feedback from VK: This works well in terms of demonstrating the ways in which the performance of identity shifts in light of the relative public-ness of the situation in which one finds oneself. Using a bathroom--a place where the most intimate of self care occurs--is a nice touch (public bathrooms are the ultimate public-private hybrid in this light!) and then to have the 'audience' watching with popcorn is an interesting twist. Does it matter someone finds entertainment at the expense of an unwitting subject using a bathroom? What happens when this footage persists? All are very important notions that this project asks you to consider. I look forward to seeing the project.